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Treatments – Face

Crystal Clear Micro Dermabrasion

Crystal Clear’s Micro Dermabrasion (MDA) uses a powerful combination of suction and crystals to remove dead skin cells and impurities as well as plumping out the face. These treatments are intense and rewarding.

Standard Micro Dermabrasion

£ 38.00

In this treatment you will get 2 cleanses, MDA and then a choice of creams. 30 mins.

Luxury Micro Dermabrasion

£ 55.00

You will receive 2 cleanses, intense MDA, a small facial massage and then a choice of cream. 60 mins.

The Skin Treatment

£ 55.00

This perfect for neglected skin that needs a boost to keep going. 60 mins.

The skin treatment and oxygen therapy

£ 55.00

This not only give back moisture but reduces black circles and puffiness within the face. 75 mins.

The Skin Works

£ 90.00

In this treatment you will get 2 cleanses, MDA, oxygen therapy, a mask, small facial massage and a choice of creams. 90 mins

Silhouette Diamond Dermabrasion

Diamond Dermabrasion treatment is a great way to breathe new life into dull and lifeless skin. It removes dead skin cells and encourages new skin cells to grow revealing a healthy bright layer. The suction of the head also removes impurities from the pores and surface to help reduce spots. This form of Dermabrasion is suitable for sensitive skin types that bruise or redden quickly.

Standard Diamond Dermabrasion

£ 28.00

30 mins.

Gyratory surface massages

Connective tissue massage upper body

£ 45.00

This massage increase the elasticity of the skin, activates the tissue and helps reduce water retention.

Foot Massage

£ 20.00

Easy away the stiffness of daily strife with a relaxing foot massage.